The following benefits best explain why every messenger and courier should become an CDA member.

Legislative and Regulatory Watchdog.  CDA is the only California-based organization that monitors state legislative and regulatory actions to assess the impact on messengers, couriers and delivery companies.  It reports the actions to its members and, when directed by the Board, participates actively in the legislative or regulatory process to help ensure that the needs of our industry are taken into account.  In recent years these activities have saved millions of dollars annually for messenger and courier companies in California.

Networking.  CDA provides a unique opportunity to meet other owners of delivery companies to discuss issues of mutual concern.  Networking also provides opportunities for business arrangements that can be mutually beneficial.  Many members find this to be one of the most valuable reasons for membership.

Industry News.  The Association’s website ( and its news publication, Dispatch News, keep members abreast of the latest industry, regulatory and legislative developments.  Dispatch News also brings members feature articles on a wide range of interesting and informative topics.

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Membership Meetings.  These meetings, held periodically throughout the year in both Northern and Southern California, bring members together for a time of socializing, networking, updating, and education.  The meetings feature speakers on topics of interest to the membership, in addition to committee reports and regulatory and legislative updates.

Personnel Practices Assistance.  Each Regular Member receives a Model Employee Handbook with sample policies on dozens of issues ranging from discrimination to leaves of absence, from alcohol and drug issues to arbitration.  Regularly updated by legal professionals who practice in the employee relations field, the handbook is also available to members in formats that permit editing and personalizing.

Consultation.  The CDA staff is available to assist members on a wide variety of regulatory compliance and related issues.  Additionally, the Association’s memberships in the California Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB give members access to regulations, documents, forms and other information on labor issues and other topics.

Legislative Alerts.  Members of CDA are alerted to situations that require their active participation in order to affect the outcome of legislation that impacts the messenger and courier industry.  The more members there are to participate, the greater likelihood there is for a satisfactory outcome.  Members have an opportunity to directly influence government decision-making through participation.  When messengers and couriers choose not to participate as members, they leave the decision-making to others, often including those outside the industry who have no interest or concern about the impact of legislation on our businesses.

Government Regulatory Liaison.  CDA is recognized by government agencies as the voice of the California delivery industry.  Accordingly, it is invited to participate in the development and modification of regulations that affect our industry, and it has a recognized ability to provide meaningful input reflecting the interests of CDA members.  It is the only California-based organization that is consulted on messenger-courier issues.

Lobbying.As needed, CDA consults with or engages the services of lobbyists, attorneys and other professionals to carry its message and achieve needed results.  Sometime this is in the legislative arena and at other times it is in the regulatory or political sphere.  It also participates in several active business coalitions dealing with employment, taxation and transportation infrastructure issues.

CDA Convention & Exhibition.  The CDA Convention & Exhibition affords opportunity for members and their guests or families to relax in comfortable surroundings, to mix with other messengers, couriers and vendors to the industry, and to participate in informative and educational meetings, seminars and roundtable discussions about current topics.  This event is the California delivery industry’s “highlight event” at which many vendors exhibit their goods and services because they know that industry leaders will be present.

CDA Website.  This Internet site posts information on Association activities, including the industry survey and the Convention & Exhibition.  It also lists the names, addresses and phone numbers for each member, which gives out-of-state firms important information about business contacts in California.  The site includes links to members and to couriers in other parts of the state and country.  It includes a “members only” section to provide proprietary information for members.  The website is an increasingly valued resource!

CDA List Server.  A valuable member benefit, the list server provides a non-commercial Internet e-mail forum for the immediate exchange of information, ideas, sales leads, gripes, experiences and other information of interest.  It is a major resource for member firms looking for input from other courier companies on topical issues.

Seminars and Workshops.  CDA periodically sponsors specialized workshops and seminars on topics of timely interest.  Some of these are also available to non-members, but CDA members are always given special price reductions.

Financial Support.  It takes money to provide watchdog services for the industry, but these activities save millions of dollars annually for messenger and courier companies in California.  The financial support for legislative and regulatory involvement comes from dues paid by the Regular and Associate members of CDA.  Because every messenger and courier company shares in the benefits from these activities, it’s only fair that they also share in the cost.

Discounted Advertising.  CDA members find that advertising their services in Dispatch News is a sensible ways to target the delivery industry.  Moreover, members pay a discounted advertising rate.

Industry Leadership.  Through membership in CDA, you are associated with the top messenger and courier companies in California.  These include leaders who will not back away from the tough industry issues and will seek solutions to the most pressing problems.  This makes CDA a great team to be part of !

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Ten Reasons Not to Join CDA

  1. The messenger-courier business is a great profession; I wouldn’t change a thing.
  2. If my insurance company wants more money from me, it must have a good reason.
  3. I took a vow of poverty.
  4. My telephone psychic says I shouldn’t worry about EDD audits, workers’ comp premiums, illegal competitors, class action lawsuits, rate sharks and fuel prices
  5. I’m sure our elected representatives and regulatory officials will always do what’s best for couriers and small business people.
  6. I haven’t missed a day of work in years, and I’m proud of it.
  7. I believe law enforcement officials are motivated solely by their concern for safety.
  8. I learned all I need to know about business in high school.
  9. If I made more money, I’d only be in a higher tax bracket.
  10. My former boss told me “it doesn’t get any better than this,” and I believe him.