CDA was formed in 1987 by representatives from various messenger and courier companies who saw the need for a central organization that would address the issues and challenges that are common to us all. By choosing “co-opetition” over competition, CDA furthers the common interests of the member companies while raising the professionalism of the group as a whole.

We benefit our members by:

  • supplying industry information through newsletters and special mailings,
  • providing education through speakers, conferences and seminars,
  • encouraging networking through CDA conventions, meetings and communications with each other and our vendor associates,
  • and initiating advocacy with regulatory and legislative officials to address local and state issues of importance to our members and the industry.

By combining our time, talent and necessary funds, we can make a difference. With CDA membership, your company becomes visible to those who need to hear from us, and you gain the respect that you deserve as a business operator in today’s environment.

Together, we can achieve our industry’s goals.

Mission Statement

The California Delivery Association is a non-profit industry association of businesses engaged in the time-sensitive transportation of goods and documents.

The CDA mission is to promote, encourage, broaden and advance the common interests of those engaged in the messenger/courier industry in California.

CDA Programs

  • CDA Insurance keeps abreast of industry insurance issues and appears as an advocate seeking the maintenance of reasonable insurance rates and practices.

  • CDA Vendor Programs enable members to realize significant savings in their purchasing or leasing or products used by the industry.¬† For many couriers, these programs allow them to save much more than their entire annual dues.

Getting Started

  • All new regular members¬†should submit first quarter dues (depending on your revenue level). along with your application. This will cover dues for the current partial quarter. Upon receipt, your application is sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Dues: Membership dues for regular members vary depending on annual revenues. Dues for associate members are $400 per year, and can be prorated quarterly.

Upon approval of your application for membership, the following are made available to you:

  • CDA Logo Artwork for use on your letterhead and advertising to show that you are a part of this professional industry trade group.

  • Current Membership Roster that is useful when trying to get a job done in other parts of the state. Most companies within the group try to use other member firms, including vendors.

  • Model Employee Handbook that is written by an attorney and includes sample policies on dozens of employment-related issues. This invaluable tool is available on the website or in file form when requested.

  • Dispatch News, the newsletter published by CDA, keeps you abreast of ongoing issues such as Workers Compensation, Auto Insurance, State Regulations, pending legislation and other timely information. It is California’s only statewide publication addressing the issues of our industry.

For more information contact CDA today.